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The next generation of Tuition and Learning

The Collective Genius offers specialised tuition and support, for secondary school learners for both local and international curricula. The Centre is a vibrant workspace which lends itself towards productivity, social interaction and progressive learning. Our tutoring methods, experienced tutors and learning environment provides exceptional support for all curricula.

We understand the importance of synthesizing the roles of tried and tested tutoring and learning techniques and the emergence of a new generation of students. Because technology and the ease of access to information is integral in their lives, its integral to our teaching methods.

Our services

Our highly educated and experienced tutors ensure that all content is covered in a manner befitting the excellence required from the various curricula. All our tutors have a minimum Bachelors qualification as well as experience In their subject area to ensure a collaborative learning journey with the student

Tailored packages are designed to suit the needs of individual students. 

  • An introduction to secondary learning (encouraging higher-order thinking).
  • Regular group lessons with a subject specialist in which Syllabus is covered.
  • One-on-one consultation with tutors if required at an additional fee.
  • Assignment Support and Examination Preparation.
  • Additional Content provided such as Past papers and Study Notes.
  • Training in Study techniques, Time management, and Exam Skills.

What Our Clients Are Saying

They say it as it is

The one thing I’ll forever be thankful for about having been a student here at The Collective Genius is that my tutors have always allowed me to take control of my own education. When I wanted to do something a certain way and not the way they had suggested they were more than happy to meet me halfway. As long as I did what needed to be done!
Tumi Mzamane
Senior Secondary Student
As a parent, with two very different children, schooling them became a challenge! My daughter was not comfortable in a huge school environment, and the authority, structure & norms of school made him miserable! After much research, 'homeschooling' was the best alternative. This, however was not without its challenges in terms of discipline, lessons & structure. After viewing many facilities bridging the gap with home schooled children, the Collective Genius provided the best solution! Qualified tutors, who were committed to the learners in an environment that is conducive to effective learning!
Irana Singh
The Collective Genius Centre has given me the opportunity to prosper as a student. The tutors have supported me every step of the way and are very willing to assist when there are hurdles that need to be overcome. The Centre has allowed me to create strong friendships and memories that I will forever treasure.
Huda Docrat
AS Level Student 2019

A Few Pictures

To help you get a feeling for our centre.

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Address: 195 Jan Smuts Avenue, Rosebank; Grosvenor Corner Building, Ground Floor.​

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Services and tuition are all still available through our Online Classroom and Online Consultations.

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