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The Collective Genius Centre understands the importance of synthesizing the roles of tried and tested tutoring techniques and the emergence of a new generation of students for which technology and the ease of access to information is integral in their lives.

The classroom environment is hyper-visual, re-defining the idea of “The Whiteboard”. Our 360 degree “glassroom” allows students and tutors alike to bring their concepts to life on every surface. Every workspace, be it table, wall or door is designed to be written on. With colourful glass markers that allow students to see content in HD. Capturing their attention and nurturing their sense of wonder is an integral part of each and every lesson.

In a world where the access to information is instantaneous, the average school has seriously fallen behind in their ability to recognize problems in any classroom and provide a fast, effective solution.

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Smaller, Smarter, Dynamic classes

The Collective Genius Centre offers smaller classes, and the ability to intercept problems as they occur. Dynamic and hands-on tuition allows each student’s learning experience to be unique and tailored to bring out the very best of their potential. With classes of 5-8 students, tutors have an excellent overview of each and every student’s potential and possible difficulties, allowing us to sculpt the curriculum and the way that we approach topics to nurture each student’s unique perspective – and to see this perspective as valuable. We learn as much from them as they do from us, and it is rewarding beyond measure.

The Collective Genius Centre offers Home School tuition for the Cambridge Curriculum from Checkpoint 1 to A Level. The Centre is a vibrant work space which lends itself towards productivity. The Cambridge Curriculum opens doors to International University Exemption.
We provide students with a tailored education solution that lends to academic excellence within a niche environment. Our team of experienced tutors provide critical engagement with material and platforms to continually monitor progress and determine areas for improvement. .

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Address: 195 Jan Smuts Avenue, Rosebank; Grosvenor Corner Building, Ground Floor.​

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