How to Enroll at The Collective Genius:

Contact enquiries@thecollectivegenius.co.za we we will set up a consulatation with our Head of Centre Management.

The First Consultation can take place virtually or in Centre. All of your questions will be answered. We look forward to meeting you.

Trial week takes place.

During Trial Week, students are exposed to our learning environment. They get to meet the Subject Specialist, interact with the syllabus as well as classmates.

Students are also required to write Entry Assessments. Entry assessements assist the Subject Specialist in identifying skills/learning objectives that the student has and needs to be assisted in. Entry assessements are used to ensure students are entering the appropriate level of learning to thrive in the learning environment. 

A Second consultation will be set up in which we will provide feedback on Entry Assessements. Enrollment forms and more information regarding The Collective Genius will be communicated.

Once the Registration fee is paid, we welcome you to The Collective Genius!


Please click to download the relevant form.

Stage 10 - 11

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Services and tuition are all still available through our Online Classroom and Online Consultations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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