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Tutor Qualification Tutoring Experience TCG Experience
BA Hons in translating
(Italian & French)
TEFL diploma
Tutored French, English, Italian and
Afrikaans locally and abroad.
I enjoy the diversity of students at TCG and the flexibility one
needs to try to help each student achieve what they are truly
capable of. The smaller classes allow us to truly get to know
our students and the less formal environment allows for
more creativity in teaching and learning.
BSc (Physiology)
Cambridge curriculum form 3 Science teacher
Cambridge curriculum form 4 Biology teacher
at Maru-a-Pula School in Gaborone.
A modern, exciting and unique teaching experience and
although often challenging - very rewarding!
BA (Hons) English
First Year University Humanities and Engineering
Students in English Literature, Critical Thinking
At The Collective Genius, I feel privileged to work with
students who enjoy the opportunity to explore their
academic talents. My qualifications and tutoring
experience has allowed me to engage with these students
where we are able to break the bonds of mainstream
education and pay attention to what makes them individuals.
BA (Hons) English
British International College and
Andrews Academy - Cambridge
Lecturer for English and Afrikaans:
Foundation Phase, GCSE Phase and
AS Phase Wits Language School Lecturer.
BA (Hons) English
Tutored at Wits for 2 years. I thoroughly enjoyed
tutoring 1st years in the finer skills and
technicalities of the English language.
Tutoring at The Collective Genius has been great so far,
although it's been a bit unconventional because of Lockdown.

I appreciate that the classes are small, because this allows me
to provide each learner with individual attention to help
them understand and apply the coursework we are dealing with.
BAccSci HC in Accounting

Tutoring Local and International Curricula since 2010 in: 

  • Mathematics Grade 4 to 11
  • Physics up to Grade 10 
  • Biology Grade 8 to 12
  • Economics (Up to 2nd year university)
  • Business (Up to 2nd year university)

Accounting (Up to 2nd year university)

The individual and small classes makeit a vibrant and
dynamic environment for the student and tutor alike.
There is much more of an impact made on a student
in the smaller group setting and this is highly rewarding.
BSc (Human Physiology,
Genetics and Psychology)
Tutor at the University of Pretoria from 2016 to 2018.
Enjoyed learning with the students. Love tutoring Biology
and the connection between Biology and Chemistry.
Environment allowed me to assist students with
learning in my own way and encouraged me to be non-conventional.
BCom Accounting
BCom (Hons) Accounting
(currently enrolled)
Private tutor from 2017 to 2020.
I appreciate my experience at TCG because I have learned a
lot and have got to build bonds with my students.
MSc in Geography
Worked at the Golf School of Excellence as an
academic tutor for 4 years. Senior tutor with the
Geography department at Wits University
My experience has been good thus far - overall it has been
a positive experience for me
BSc General (Physics
and Physiology) 2nd year
Tutoring International Curricula from 2006.
I am getting along well with my students and most are
improving on their attitude towards the subject and putting
more efforts into their work.

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