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Head of Centre

I completed a B.Sc.degree in Human Physiology, and after having children completed my Post Graduate Certificate in Education for the Senior and FET Phase. I’ve taught various subjects to various ages of which I enjoyed teaching Junior Science (Form 3) and Biology (Form 4/IGCE) most. The things that I feel most passionate about in life are the youth, education and the natural world. Being a teacher at The Collective Genius has afforded me the opportunity to combine these passions into my daily life. Teaching in today’s ever changing circumstances, presents teachers with many challenges. Doing so in an environment where acceptance of individual differences is embraced and catered for, which is the case at The Collective Genius, makes it very rewarding though.


Manager | Science Teacher

I studied a BDc in Human Physiology, Genetics and Pshychology. I found my passion for teaching by Tutoring at the Univercity of Pretoria. After the completion of my studies, I joined The Collective Genius in 2019, and specialized in teaching Biology and Chemistry. I am passionate about helping students develop their knowledge and understanding, and easing their anxiety around Science.


Business Studies Tutor | Accounting Tutor | Economics Tutor

I joined The Collective Genius in 2018, at a time in my life when I decided to pursue my dreams. Leaving the corporate world behind, I ventured into the world of education, where I found my purpose in life. So many times, I found myself learning important lessons from my students – even if it was just to live in the moment more. Learning in the classroom is a two-way street. 

Helping students to reach their potential and exceed their own expectations has been my driving force in growing the Centre. It is about seeing each student, each family as individuals, hearing their stories and offering them a space in which they can thrive and feel safe. It has been an honour and privilege to facilitate the journey of success for students and parents thus far – here’s to the future generation of learning!

“Be cheerful, strive to be happy” – Desiderata by Max Ehrmann.


English Tutor

I am fluent in both English and Afrikaans, and I am conversationally German speaking. As the English Tutor at The Collective Genius Center, I am passionate about teaching others to love learning! Having obtained my Honours Degree in English from the University of the Witwatersrand, I firmly believe that learning and understanding language is one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments! I take pride in encouraging students to strive towards developing their skills and understanding in and beyond the classroom, and it is an honour to do so in an environment that embraces individuality and community.


Mathematics Tutor

I am the Mathematics Tutor at The Collective Genius. I have obtained my Bachelors Degree in Biological Science, and an Honours Degree in Forensic Science. I’ve been tutoring Maths privately since 2015, and from this, my passion for Mathematics developed. I decided to complete my Postgraduate Certificate in Education to further my passion for teaching, with the goal to encourage students to think critically about Maths, and to make Mathematical concepts interesting and easy for all students. 


Computer Science Tutor | Mathematics Tutor | Physics Tutor

I am currently in the process of my BSc in Nuclear Sciences and Engineering at Wits. My goal is to pursue my Honours in Physics, as a stepping stone into the wider world of Academia. After four years of tutoring experience, I’ve learnt that I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills, and helping learners develop and understanding and keen interest in Maths and Physics. At the end of the day, they are the generation that may one day change the world through their fresh and creative application of the concepts learnt during these fundamental years. 


Operations Administrator | Afrikaans Tutor | Creative Arts Tutor

I am the Operations Administrator at The Collective Genius. I am responsible for enquiries and everything related to keeping things running smoothly at the Centre. I studied Graphic Design and Multimedia at Centurion Academy and I am TEFL & TESOL qualified. I am fluent in both Afrikaans and English. I studied abroad in 2020, obtaining a certificate in Social Media and Corporate Branding, as well as a certificate in Digital Photography from Hudson Community College in The US. I am currently in the process of completing my BEd in Art and Language. Teaching Afrikaans and Creative Arts to Junior Students at the Centre. I have the opportunity to share my passion for teaching and design by creating exciting and engaging lessons that allow students to learn and develop to the best of their abilities. 


History Tutor

I am the History Tutor at The Collective Genius Center. I hold a Master’s Degree in History from WITS, as well as a Certificate of Teaching and Learning from Cambridge. During the past decade, I have taught at various Cambridge Schools including Enco Sandton and Lonehill International Academy. Over these years, many students have managed to achieve the highest History marks in the country! In my spare time, I also run a thriving personal tutoring business as well as The Heritage Portal (South Africa’s leading History website). My vision is to get South Africans excited about the past!


French Tutor

I am passionate about languages and speak 5 fluently (English, Afrikaans, French, Italian and Hebrew) and one not-so-fluently (German). I have my BA (French and German) from Rhodes University, my Honours in translation (French & Italian) from Wits university and my TEFL diploma.

Language is not only about communication but also cultural awareness. I’ve been teaching for 11 years and enjoy seeing students grow in ability and confidence.


Geography Tutor

I have recently completed my Msc at The University of Witwatersrand in Geography, and my research scope was on climate change and environmental studies, and tourism geography. My Honours degree was focused on GIS and remote sensing and my research on tourism geography, and environmental studies was published in 2019. I have 2+ years of academic tutoring experience tutoring students at Wits University – tutoring first, second and third year courses in Geography. I am a proud Geographer and a Scientific enthusiast! Since joining the Centre in March 2021, I have had a wonderful teaching experience in an accommodating  and kind environment – both in terms of sharing my skills and knowledge with my students, and in terms of learning from them in return.

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