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The Collective Genius provides an introduction to Cambridge learning. Qualified and experienced tutors ensure that all content is covered in a manner befitting the excellence required from the Cambridge Curriculum.

Checkpoint I & II
(Grade 7, 8 & 9 equivalent)

Length of course: 2 Years

(Examinations are written in November at the centre)

At this stage, the following subjects are tutored and examined at the Centre itself, with mid-year internal examinations written in June, and external CambriLearn examinations


  • Mathematics
  • First Language: English
  • 1 Selected Second Languages: Afrikaans, French and Zulu* (additional cost)
  • Combined Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • EMS: Business Studies, Economics and Accounting

(Grade 10 & 11 equivalent)

Length of Course: 1 Year or 18 Months (Student Dependent)

Examinations Written in October/November via the British Council (off-site exam Centre at additional cost)

In this course, students begin to specialize in their respective subjects. Here they will have a choice of 5-6 subjects for which they will receive tuition at the Centre, with internal examinations to be written in June.


AS Level
(Grade 12 equivalent)

Length of Course: 1 Year

Examinations Written in October/November via the British Council (off-site exam Centre at additional cost)

This is a full year course and is the equivalent of the South African NSC. Students are required to pass 5 subjects to qualify for matric exemption.  All 5 subjects need to complete within 18 months.


  • Mathematics (With an option to take Pure Maths 1 and one other component; Pure Maths 2, Statistics or Mechanics.)
  • First Language: English Language
  • Second Languages: Afrikaans, French, and Zulu*
  • History
  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Biology (Practical training is required.)
  • Physics (Practical training is required.)
  • Chemistry (Practical training is required.)

*Additional subjects such a Computer Science, Geography and Zulu can be requested at an extra cost and will receive one-on-one tuition.


Length of Course: 1 Year

Examinations Written in October/November via the British Council (off-site exam Centre at additional cost)

A Levels open the door for students to apply to over 650 prestigious international universities and increases the likelihood of university acceptance.

*Subjects can be enquired about

Unique Services

Practical Information:

Practical training is required for IGCSE, AS an A Level for the following subjects:
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics

Practicals are a fun component, bringing theory to life. Students are able to see holistic side to sections in the Syllabus. All the above mentioned subjects are required to write a practical exam that contributes 20% to the overall mark. The Practical component is a separate fee.

Unique Services:

Scribes and Readers can be provided for students who require such services, for both internal and external (with correct documentation) exams.

Emotional Support:

The Centre proves a homelike environment by which students are alleviated of stress and worries placed on them in mainstream schools.
• Life Coach
• Career advice
• Encouragement to be who you are


The Collective Genius Centre is a proud partner of CambriLearn. A globally recognised online education platform that prepares students for their Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A levels. Assignments are marked by experienced Cambridge trained teachers which ensure success in IGCSE and As level examinations. Mock exams can be attempted to prepare for Cambridge International Examinations.

Available packages

Tailored packages are designed to suit the needs of the individual. 

  • An introduction to Cambridge learning (encouraging higher-order thinking).
  • Scheduled group lessons with a subject specialist in which Syllabus is covered.
  • One-on-one consultation with tutors if required at an additional fee.
  • Assignment Support and Examination Preparation.
  • Additional Content provided such as Past papers and Study Notes.

Training in Study techniques, Time management, and Exam Skills.

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Address: 195 Jan Smuts Avenue, Rosebank; Grosvenor Corner Building, Ground Floor.​

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